Uncle Tony's Casa de Arte


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  "I love your stuff! Do you ever give discounts if a person buys multiples of one item? And do you ever create items on commission?"

A. Yes, I do offer a discount on multiples. It depends on the amount needed. Usually, if you purchase 6 or more, I will give a 10% discount on multiples of the same item. The discount can not be used with other coupon codes. And yes, I do commissions from paintings to any of the items that you see. Items can be personalized.  Commissions on gifts must be a dozen or more of the same item. But each item and amount varies.  Feel free to contact me at your leisure if you are serious about a special commission.  Oh yes, and I always ask for a 30-50% down payment before I begin a project.

Q.  "I live in Puerto Rico. Do I get free shipping?"

A. We only give free shipping within the continental United States for now, unfortunately.  I do not inflate prices based on shipping though. Any shipment outside of the continental USA is paid by the buyer. 

Q. "I live in Australia. I love your pillows.  Do you pay the tariffs ?" 

A. No, we are not responsible for tariffs or shipping charges by the different countries. Every customer pays for those charges which vary country to country.

Q.  "Is your merchandise guaranteed? If it arrives damaged, do I get a refund?"

A. We do guarantee every item that we sell. We take pride in the finest quality merchandise and we want you to be happy. There is a 14 day return policy from the day your item arrives.  Photos must be sent of the item within the first 14 days along with an explanation and/or any details that would be helpful in our final consideration for a return.  The more information you send, the better. We then will make a determination within the two weeks after all information has been received. If approved, customer is responsible for shipping the item back to us and will be reimbursed the full amount of return shipping. Shipments are only accepted by the same postal carrier and the delivery status (for example,  if we ship it to you USPS first class, it must be shipped back USPS first class.) Upon receiving the return, you will receive the refund immediately.  Overall, we want you to be happy. 

Q.  "What if I change my mind on the item I have ordered? Can I return that item?"

A. Unfortunately no. We only return goods that arrived damaged at no fault to you. We do not make returns on items if you changed your mind. Each item is carefully printed and created as ordered to insure great quality. Once the order has gone through, we begin the production process on that item immediately. 

Q. "What if a t-shirt does not fit? Can I return it? 

A. We typically do not allow returns based on fit. We provide the sizes and recommend that you order a size or two larger based on how you like something to fit or based on what activity or function you might be doing. We ask that you carefully consider the size that you order. Our sizes are usually on point and based on sizes in the United States. 

Q. "I loved my order. And you were so kind. Can I leave a review or give you a shout out.?"

A. That would completely make my day! Yes. Yes. Yes. The biggest gift to me is being acknowledged for our efforts. We take special care with all we do. Please leave a review on the site, a comment, share us, pin us, like us, refer us. We appreciate it all! Thank you for asking.

Q. "How long does it take to get a shipment?"

A. Typically we ask that you allow 5-7 days for processing. Since we carefully manufacture or print each item individually to ensure the best quality, we ask for 5-7 days for processing.

Q." I love the t-shirt and baseball hat I bought. Can I send you a photo to recognize you? And what social media do you use?"

A. That would be awesome. And would be much appreciated.  We are on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for now. We have clickable links on this site. Please post  your photo. Thank you so much!

Q. "Can I return a painting? I'm changing the color of paint on my walls and it wont match."

A.  Unfortunately no. Original paintings are final. We can not be responsible for these types of situations. We apologize.