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$15.00 USD

11 OZ ARTISTIC AFFIRMATION MUGS in green, blue or yellow-orange colors!

Image of 11 OZ ARTISTIC AFFIRMATION MUGS in green, blue or yellow-orange colors!

I love my coffee in the morning. It is that time that I take a few minutes to set the tone for the day. And one thing that I love are positive quotes that put me back on my path to positivity. So I paired it with my paintings and designed them onto these high gloss mugs, and I sought out the best printers to collaborate with me.
I love the fact that a mug can be a reminder and a quick 'jumpstart' to my day.

3 floral paintings by Antonio Rael (that's me!) are wrapped around each mug and each with its own monochromatic color: blue, yellow or green. Each mug holds 11 ounces of your favorite beverage hot or cold. And they are dishwasher and microwave safe.
These limited edition designer mugs include a positive affirmation quote you can read as you enjoy your beverage. All mugs are hand-made and printed individually at the time of your order to ensure quality and attention to detail. We want to stand by the quality of our merchandise. We want you to be happy. That is our primary goal.

Decide early in the day that you will have an amazingly rich fun positive day. As you sip on your rich hot coffee, you will have a message that will re-affirm your greatness. Something so small, means the world!

The three colors include an early evening blue, army green & warm yellow-orange paintings by me, Antonio Rael. They all have smooth clear glossy finishes with handles fit for royalty. These hand-made colorful 'Affirmation Mugs' each include their very own motivational words that will help you start you glorious day in perfect harmony. A perfect way to start your morning!

Oh yes, and please send me a photo and a quick review of the mug(s) you purchase. I would love to share your thoughts.

Note: We are now offering a discount if you order multiples of the same mug. It must part of the same order to qualify.