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'La Botanica' iOS & Android Cell Phone Covers

Image of  'La Botanica' iOS & Android Cell Phone Covers

Nostalgia and Spirituality will overcome you as you enjoy the brightly colored objects of positivity and gratitude. Allow yourself to be immersed in its protection as you cover the uncovered.
Select your cell phone size below available in iOS iPhone & Android Samsung cell phone covers.
'La Botanica' painting was created by Los Angeles latino artist Antonio Rael. The perfect gift for friends & family. Colorful images with black bold outlines are iconic in his recognizable celebrated style of paintings. This painting includes the bright yellow shelves that house the spiritual botanica items as one walks into the shop filled with potions, statues, candles, books & objects for spells & warding off evil. And these images he painted in the Latino Pop Art style which defined the movement of artists he founded as published in 2002.
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