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$15.00 USD

11 OZ Mug: Greyhound Day of the Dead Colorful Tombstone

Image of 11 OZ Mug: Greyhound  Day of the Dead Colorful Tombstone

This colorful 11 ounce hand-made designed mug of a loved Greyhound commemorates the lives of our lost companions, dogs and pets with the painting of this 'Dia de Los Muertos' colorful resting place for man's best frend. Feel the warm of loyalty and friendship as you drink your favorite hot or cold beverage from this spark of joy in a mug. This colorful mug shows a colorful statue of a greyhound dog posed and mounted on a slab of the tomb where he was buried. The tomb is visited each year on Day of the Dead commemorating & honoring the life of man's best friend, this Greyhound. I wanted it to be fun and commemorative. I painted and designed the mug. I hope you enjoy the bright oranges, yellows, greens, blues and black outlines. It will transform you if you let it!

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