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We Stand With You & We Believe You! 11 oz Mug

Image of We Stand With You & We Believe You! 11 oz Mug

The inspirational message on our newly created unique mug showing support for women, men, children or seniors who have been violated sexually or otherwise. The message is clear..."We Stand With You & We Believe You!" and "We've Got Your Back!". In today's climate of the 'me too' movement, it is important to do our part and help those who through no fault of their own have been violated. I can not even begin to image the emotional stress and the reoccuring debilitating effects that it must have, but what I can do is be supportive and help make their voices valid and louder. Changes are necessary, and unfortunately it is apparently more important to attain power & money than to consider the destruction of human lives.

Here are some details regarding the mug:

*Designed by Antonio Rael (that's me, Uncle Tony) for Uncle Tony's House of Art.
*11 oz glossy white mug for coffee, tea or your favorite beverage.
*Dishwasher and microwave safe.
*This is a unique design. All rights reserved. ©Antonio Rael. Uncle Tony's Casa de
Arte©, Uncle Tony's House of Art©, Colour Connect Beauty©
*Made in the USA.
*$1 USD will go to helping fund women's empowerment.

Uncle Tony's Casa de Arte's Mission Statement
*Benefiting programs and nonprofits that focus on human rights equality for
all people and supporting the rights of women, children, handicaps, disabled
Veterans, poverty, LGBT rights, marriage equality, pro-choice, freedom of
expression, world peace, our environment, saving the rainforest, education,
Arts Education for children, the homeless, health care, current events, freedom
of speech, ending senior abuse, clean fuel, and many more.

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Antonio Rael