Uncle Tony's Casa de Arte

Life & Art: My Daily Objectives

"Every day I create whether it be through my art, makeup, ideas or words. has been a lifeline fo for me. Art is a powerful tool for anyone. I have had the opportunity to affect people in a positive way making a difference with my art for the better." 

Here is a partial list of my daily objectives in my life & most you will find in my art:


"The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz is one of my favorite books on self-help & words that I live by each day. It has helped me through the most difficult times. You realize that you can not take things personal when someone mistreats you because they are projecting how they feel about themselves. Live by these 4 agreements & it will help you.

1. Do your very best!

2. Do not take things personal.

3. Do not assume.

4. Speak impeccably with your word.


Quotes that empower & they might be helpful to any of you needing to understand tough situations:

1.(when you are not being respected)...'If you always make someone Plan A, and they only make you their Plan B, then its time to make them Plan in...see you later!  -Unknown Author

2.(when someone you know constantly puts you down)...'What you think of me is none of my business!"  -Unknown Author

3.(when you are scared to do something)...  'Feel the fear, and then go for it!'    -Jimmy Choo